Taste the Callisto difference in these classic Rum recipes

Botanical Daiquiri

Classic Daiquiri with botanical notes from Callisto

California D&S

Callisto's take on a Dark & Stormy

The Sting

Elegant, light with a grapefruit finish created by Risa James

Callisto Mojito

The classic Mojito balanced with Callisto's California dry taste

La Vie en Rosé

A fizzy refreshing cocktail with floral notes by Risa James

California 75

A French 75 that found its home in California

California Gold Rush

Bringing back the classic Gold Rush recipe to California

Callisto Sour

A sour made smoother with dry, floral notes

Callisto Mule

Giving the Moscow Mule a home in California

California Flip

Flip flop with this creamy botanical goodness

Callisto Sunrise

A taste of the Golden State's sunrise

Callisto Libre

An ode to the original Cuba Libre


Replace Gin in a Negroni with Callisto

California Piña Colada

A creamy, delicious Piña Colada with floral notes

Rosemary's Baby

Earthy, balanced and intense tasting cocktail created by Risa James

Californian President

El Presidente made local

Mai Calli Groni

A Callisto original inspired by Mai Tai and Negroni created by @therituals

21st Century

The 20th Century cocktail made modern

Callisto Contessa

A Contessa recipe with added floral notes

New Fashion

The Callisto Old-Fashion modernized


Callisto's fresh take on the classic Vesper cocktail

New Pal

Callisto greeting an Old Pal cocktail

The Templeman

The most refreshing Callisto & soda you will ever have

Callisto Sheets

Gain pleasure from Callisto's version of Between the Sheets cocktail

Pink Wednesday

A refreshing original by Risa James

Callisto Cable Car

A Californian style Cable Car

Matcha Mai Tai

A Mai Tai recipe made better with flavors from the Far East by @teddysinthemix

Winds of Change

Paying homage to the Tradewinds cocktail

The Magnani

A mighty combination of Callisto and Mezcal unlike no other

Callisto & Tonic

Gin & Tonic with a hint of dryness
Earth Bending Gimlet

Earth Bending Gimlet

Gimlet twist with lemongrass and cucumber created by @teddysinthemix

Callisto Sidecar

This Sidecar twist will take you for a ride

California Girl

Making the White Lady cocktail young again

Callisto Martini

A new and improved Martini

California Painkiller

A fruity and tropical treat made better with Callisto


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Created, infused and bottled in California

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